And we’re off…

It has been a crazy two weeks of packing, prepping, partying, playing and a little more packing! But I think we are finally there!  Ready to hit the road…Whew!

Our last week in Jackson was spent in a haze of trying to move out of an apartment and in to a camper.  This consisted of organizing materials in to “come with”, “storage worthy” or “thrift store” piles, and then cleaning like we never wanted that deposit back more in our lives.

my selection of clothing for the year (spider cat helped me pack)

a few more items were sneaked in to this pile after Jed's approval 😉

Jed with his box of clothes for the year

Jed with his box of clothes for the year...He pretty much wears the same thing every day anyway

Our clothes in the camper

Our clothes in the camper...Probably the last time our clothes "dresser" will look this neat!

During which I was trying to keep up with work and end my five year job on a good note.

My last day of work

Last day of work for a full year. It was surprisingly bitter sweet!

All this while intermixed with your typical end of the ski season March madness spiced up with a little going away party action from our friends!

Our last day in Jackson

Sunny skiing, live music and good friends! Couldn't ask for a better last day in Jackson!

flip-flops, snow and beer

flip-flops, snow and beer...Weirdly warm, but we weren't complaining!

Camper overload

Camper party! Maybe not such a good idea... a new leaf spring was purchased and added after this night.

Since our departure from Jackson, WY a little over a week ago, Jed and I have set up shop in Moab, UT, our old stomping grounds.  It feels good to be back in the desert.  This place can really suck you in.  There is soo much to do around here that our full year with out work could easily be spent right here in the four-corners area simply playing and exploring.  We came here with the idea that we would finish up our “chores” in a couple days and then play for a week before taking off.  Only it turns out planning to leave for year, putting almost all your possessions in storage, and taking care of some last minute tweaks to the vehicle was more time consuming than we thought.

Last week was mainly consumed with prep work; being able to try to dial down life in a camper while conveniently parked in our friend’s Jacques and Rachel’s driveway.

Adding the new leaf springs

However, we did get out to do some climbing with some good friends this weekend at Indian Creek.

Camping at the Creek

Fun night of cervezas by campfire, a hand built swing from the cottonwood tree, and lady fingers 😉

I don’t think it was until Sunday night after two days away from civilization that we finally caught the vacation vibe.  And now that we got the feeling we know it is time to hit the road.

A creek road at the Creek

Moab and Jackson, we will miss you, but we know you will be here for us upon our return.  So until then…