Well one thing I can say for sure is that it has definitely been an adventure so far. With some highs… and some lows!

We spent three days in San Clemente, CA last week looking around the area for the best surfboards to purchase.  There wasn’t a lot out there for sale  in the “funboard” realm, which is what we were looking for.  But eventually we did luck out and purchased these beauties from a great guy at a place called The Factory!   Woohoo we’re surfers now…well kinda ;).

Our new boards!

So now with surfboards purchased, we were ready to move on…  only the next morning our Taco was not!  Jed woke up to find a puddle of oil by our back left tire.  Luckily he knew exactly what was wrong, our seals needed to be replaced on the axle, and he could have it fixed in a couple of hours! Great!

So Jed got to work, but come to find out the Tacoma’s axle’s are not so easy to take apart… we needed some assistance.  And with our car already apart, we decided to walk the axle up to the auto parts store in San Clemente.  It was only a few blocks away and we would be back shortly and would finish up.  So we took our 60lb buddy, Axle for a walk…  First stop the garage where the owner took one look at us walking up with an axle on our shoulder and said “Toyota Tacoma?”.  Yep, apparently we would need to see a machine shop to get this guy apart.  Of course the shop was all the way across town.
Next stop …or three, almost all the auto part stores in San Clemente to get the parts we need to replace before we could go to the shop.  All this on foot with Axle!
And now on to the shop, but it was now time to get a taxi.  Pretty sure our driver was on meth, but nevertheless we arrived safely, dropped off Axle for his doctor’s visit, entertained ourselves in the nearby Wal-Mart for an hour or so, and then picked him back up just in time to walk down to a road we knew was on our friend’s route home from work.  Then back to his  place where we were staying and enjoying some wonderful southern hospitality (thank you, John & Diana)!  Put the truck back together… Okay, back in business.  Leaving tomorrow morning.

Jed after our day with Axle!

That we did.  Buuuut, an hour down the road we were pulling back on the the highway after a quick stop when BAM!  “What was that?” “Oh, I don’t know, maybe it is the tire rolling beside us!” We quickly pulled over, and after a little freak out on my part, thinking that I had ruined everything (Yes, I was the one to put the tire back on- if you must ask), we collected our parts from the median and assessed the situation.  Just a little melted metal , two broken wheel studs and some new brakes needed, nothing Jed couldn’t handle. Man, I am lucky to have him!
He got us going well enough to get us to the nearest auto parts store where we purchased some more parts and Jed climbed back under the truck again.   A couple hours in the Napa parking lot and we were rolling again.  I am feeling a little sheepish at this point, but lesson learned.  I have changed many tires in my life before with no problem, but I think I will leave the rest on this trip up to Jed!

Jed putting on new brakes after our ACCIDENT!!

We pirate camped that night an hour north of the border town of Tecate, and woke early the next morning to cross in to Mexico.  This was a beautiful area of Southern California/Northern Baja Mexico.  Where it seems that a lot of our produce and Mexican beer (Tecate) comes from.

This biggest flag ever! They are proud in Ensenada!

We drove a little past Ensenada that day on highway 1 and then decided to take a dirt road to the coast which was to lead to another road along the coast that we saw on our map the next day.  It took us at least an hour to reach the coast and when we did we found out the next portion of the road was purchased by a concrete company and we were not allowed to go any further.  Oh well, it was a beautiful spot (Punta San Thomas), we’ll camp out here on the ocean and drive back out to the highway in the morning.  We even hit it at low tide and were able to collect fresh mussels for our dinner.  Not a bad ending to our first day in Mexico!