Moving on

It has been about two months since our last post and the unfortunate events that happened to us in Peru.  Combined, Jed and I have about ten word documents saved on this computer, all attempts at trying to piece together our feelings of the attack and the events of the weeks following.  Neither one of us can quite grasp the words to do so at this point, and furthermore our personal preference has become to concentrate on recovering and moving on.

After a drawn out process, Jed and I finally received our truck back from the police in Cusco, and made the tenuous decision to try out life on the road again.  There were several reasons for this decision, including, but not limited to;

1. 95% of the people we have met on this trip have been wonderful
2. with all our previous amazing travel experiences it seemed a shame to let it end on a bad note.
3. after living in it for almost a year, our car was our home. Life on the road was our life.  We couldn’t just leave it behind without another try.

We figured we would get back to life and see how we felt.  We could always drive straight to Buenous Aires and ship home if that is what we decided we needed.

So fast forward through all the rest of the bullshit, for lack of a better word, and here we are ecstatic to be crossing the border with our truck and camper out of Peru and in to Chile!  A day we at times during the past few weeks thought was never going to come.

Chi Chi Chi- Le Le LeChi-Le! Chi-Le!

Chi Chi Chi- Le Le Le
Chi-Le! Chi-Le!

We were happy to be joining our new friends, Home on the Highway  as we continued south.  And in true Chilean fashion, we celebrated our lives that night with a couple bottles of cheap wine, while camping on a beautiful beach.DSC06587

From there we decided to head inland towards Luaca National Park, the Altiplano in Northern Chile bordering Bolivia, an area we had heard held promise of long deserted dirt roads with spectacular views and lots of wildlife.

Two hours and several thousand feet after departing from the coast, we found ourselves just before sunset at a small developed hot spring fed pool off the side of the road. We met the friendly Chilean attendant just as he was closing up shop for the evening, BUT he quickly informed us that were in fact free to use the pools after hours and camp in the parking area.  Well… okay, if you insist!

A few more bottles of wine, my own self-proclaimed healing volcanic mud bath, and a spectacular sunset later we couldn’t help but start to think that a road trip through Chile and Argentina was going to be just what the doctor ordered.mud bath hot spring sunsetEntering in to Luaca National Park the following day, even though cold and rainy, was no less magical for us.  We spent the day driving by beautiful snow capped volcanoes and crystal clear lakes.snowy volcano in Luacaclear lake in LuacaWe spotted tons of wildlife, including thousands of pink flamingos,  giant ostriches, a condor with a wing span longer than I am tall, wild vicunas and the more domesticated, fluffy llamas.

ostriches and llamas

ostriches and llamas

flamingos and vicunas

flamingos and vicunas

The day would have been beautiful enough, even if we hadn’t got to camp right next to another hot spring while witnessing another beautiful in Luaca

sunset camp hot spring

We were four days in to Chile, out there giving this wild world of ours another traveler’s try and her response to us was loud and clear;

The beauty will outweigh ugliness if you allow it.

Cheers to that!

Cheers to that!


About adventureamericas

Jed and I set out April 2012 to drive from Wyoming to the southern tip of Argentina! Join us along the way to read about our adventures as we attempt to surf the coasts, climb the mountains and speak the language of the 15 countries we plan to visit!
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22 Responses to Moving on

  1. Ben says:

    Good to see ya’ll back in the saddle. Can’t wait to see you when you get back to the states. Eat some steak for Kim and I.

  2. Kenston Dearborn says:

    I love that u guys decided to just suck it up, though a big pill to swallow, and keep headed South! Meg, Jed said he told you already, but him and I hatched the original idea for this when him and I lived in the Woodsides at UNH, then we called it “tip-to-tip-trip” and our plan was we would drive from somewhere in northern Alaska (as far north as we could get) all the way down to the southernmost tip of Argentina!

  3. I am so proud that you’ve put the bad experience behind you and are moving forward. you didn’t let the bad guys win! chili looks lovely, and that mud is the blackest mud i’ve ever seen! thanks so much for the post and keeping your cheering section informed!
    lisa in ecuador

  4. Doug Smith says:

    Glad you two are back to traveling. Many folks have been concerned and hoping for a positive outcome. I’m glad to see that you’ve decided to proceed with your travels. Paranoia is not something to dwell on. Keep moving forward, looking towards the positive things ahead. Good Luck and I hope you will post more often!
    Cheers and Happy Trails!

  5. Carrie Poster says:

    Thank you for your posting. We have been worried and concerned about your travels and health. We knew you would not come home because of the problems in Peru, but also want to know you are both okay. We are looking forward to your visit up the east coast of the USA and want to hug you both. – Aunt Carrie and Uncle Paul

  6. John Atherton says:

    I am impressed that you would continue on despite the MAJOR setbacks , it says a lot for your determination . I hope that it continues to be worthwhile, Maybe I’ll run into you in JH , we live about 160 miles away in N.Utah.

  7. summersfamily5 says:

    So happy for you guys! You are impressive & inspiring…loving your quote about “beauty outweighing the ugliness”! Safe, FUN & continued happy travels:) XO

  8. johnny boy says:

    LOVE YOU!!!

  9. Victoria says:

    So happy to see you guys back on the road and loving life. I don’t know you in “real life,” but sometimes it fees like I do from following along here and on facebook; you were such an inspiration before the incident and even more so now. Cheers to getting back in the saddle and continuing your adventures!

  10. Memo Sanchez says:

    Very inspiring. Let the adventure continue!

  11. Linda Lanier says:

    Do what makes you happy….I love you!

  12. Anton says:

    Welcome in Chile! Hope Atacama and Carretera Austral will help you come over the bad experience. And remember – life is to short for drinking cheap wine!

  13. So happy you guys are doing ok. You have a fan in South Texas!!!

  14. thank you thank you for this wonderful update !!!!! many many happy trails to you 🙂 🙂

  15. Ike says:

    Keep on movin’ on!

  16. catherine says:

    Awesome, I am in awe at your acceptance and compassion and moving onwards upwards… Thank you for sharing this great news, truly awesome that you are continuing with your Dreams… blessed be, Caherine In Cusco, Peru. xxx

  17. Jan says:

    Absolutely wonderful to see you carry on ! An inspiration for all of us !!!

  18. Really glad to read your words and feel your love of adventure, and even better see your mugs! Keep on trucking! Happy Birthday Meg (a little early) Have a good steak and bottle of wine on us! Love you, Dad and Barb

  19. chase says:

    I am purchasing a Phoenix Camper in a couple of weeks. I want to know
    how you mounted your rack system on top of your camper. I have really
    enjoyed following your adventure. It is truly inspiring. I can’t wait to load up
    my toys (skis, bikes, ect.) and hit the road for a month.

    • Howdy Chase, Congrats on the Phoenix! It is the best camper money can buy. We actually had our racks mounted by Phoenix and they simply drilled holes through the ceiling of the camper and bolted through it. It has not leaked or moved yet, so we are very happy with it. You really can not put too much on the roof because of the weight of pushing up the camper. The surf boards on our roof are not a problem but any more than 40 pounds on the roof seems like it would be too much. My advise to you would also be to spring for a solar panel on the roof. It will save you money in the long run because you wont destroy your battery. We have traveled with a lot of people on this trip and everyone agrees that having a solar panel is essential. Hope this helps and enjoy the camper! Jed

  20. chase says:

    Thanks for the advise. The camper comes with a solar panel already installed.
    I have a method to my madness when it comes to this kinda stuff. Am really psyched
    to get on the road for some great adventures.
    Thanks again.

  21. What happened to you is really terrible, but I am so glad that you have moved on and given the continent another chance. Like you said, I think you have been really unlucky and it would have been a shame if you hadn’t carried on. Can’t wait to follow the rest of your journey!

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