About us & the trip

The Decision:

Jed & I met in 2005 and have pretty much been inseparable since.  Adventure travel has been a huge theme throughout our relationship so I can’t really remember when we first started talking about driving the Americas, but at some point over the years  it became less of an idea and more of a plan.  Reaching our thirties definitely brought more of a “now or never” feeling.  We have been saving for about two years as a preparation for this trip, although I would say the final decision to do it wasn’t an easy one.  Not that we worry about the traveling part, but more the returning and starting over, especially leaving behind a job that I actually love (weird, I know) in an economy where jobs are scarce. We will be spending a lot of savings while others our age are putting deposits on houses and starting families.  But while this is a fear, it is also a driver because while the standard path is easy to follow there could be so much more in store and you would never know unless you take a chance.  There’s a whole world out there, who knows what opportunities we will come upon, what we will learn about people and about ourselves.  We only have one life to live, why not live it to the fullest!

The Plan:

Ok, so we are doing it, but how exactly, in what, and where to?
Jed & I have discussed this a lot and while we have the general plan of  traveling along the west coast and jutting inward from time to time to play in the mountains, we both agree that the best laid plan for travel is no plan at all!  From past experience we know that the best gems are in the most unexpected places. So we want to be able to stay or go as we please.

That being said, we do want to be prepared for any situation! So we have done our homework on what we need in order to be mostly self reliant as well as safely protect us and our valuables.

Jed’s focus has been mainly on our vehicle/home over the next year.  He has done a lot of research on the best 4 wheel drive, fuel efficient, comfort & safety enhancing, etc. automobile/mobile living products on the market.  So it’s no surprise that “The Hood Rat” is deserving of a description page of it’s own (click here)

About Jed (written byMeg):

Jed is best described as a “lover of life”.  He is one of those people that others are just drawn to be around.  He always speaks his mind.  You never have to guess how he feels about something (which luckily some people take with a grain of salt).  However, this is one of the reasons that he is my favorite traveling partner, b/c while I might hold back if I feel like I don’t know the exact translation he will just let it fly and usually ends up saying something pretty ridiculous yet somehow still gets a good response out of the locals for trying.  We have met a lot of amazing people this way!

So my brief description is Charismatic – oh, and really good looking!

About Meg (written by Jed):

I met Meg at the Jackson Hole ski resort.  I gawked at this stunning beauty as she walked into my bosses office and asked for a job.   I could not believe that I might have the chance to hang out with this amazing chick all summer long.  After she walked out of the office and I cleaned the drool off my face, I told my boss that I would quit if he did not hire her.   He fully agreed that she would be an outstanding member of the team.  It only took a couple of days of hanging out with Meg that I realized her looks were a very small part of the package.

We started climbing together in the Tetons and I could not believe her physical prowess.   She could mountain climb, better then most of my guy climbing partners [sorry boys].  Anything we did she was awesome at, rock climbing, mountain biking, and kayaking.   She was not like any woman I had ever met.

To this day Meg continually amazes me with her talent.  Whether its cooking, learning computer programs, or just being a great friend, Meg is going to give it her all, and look good doing it.


6 Responses to About us & the trip

  1. Clare says:

    Haha Jed I love your description of Geezer.

    So proud of you guys! You’re doing what the rest of us all wish we could do if we weren’t stuck with jobs, bills n sht. Y’all will probably fall in love with some lil place south of the border and decide to stay 🙂

    Be careful! Love u!

  2. DJ says:

    You all really need to bump into these guys http://www.jedandmeg.com/

    it’s kind of weird.

  3. Vince says:

    Best of everything. You will have a great adventure!
    Watch out for pitted olives…lol (seriously, preferable to avoid oral surgeon in SA) and memorize your American Express card number including the security code. (it has saved me several times)

  4. Rachida says:

    Hey you. Nice to finally know who you are. I am very happy to have noted on my notebook your blog adress while I was in Ecuador. The adress was fully written on your strange car and I said to myself that back to France*, I will have a look on your blog to understand what kind of crazy persons you were :-). Let’s introduce myself. I don’t know if you remember having taken several photos of a rather big group at the Imbabura summit? Does it sound someting to you? We met first at the foot of the volcanoe, maybe around 8 in the morning or something. You (Jed) appeared at the window of your truck saying “hello” while we were suffering at the just beginning of our climbing. Some hours (minutes?) latter, you overpassed us, and some hours latter, we arrived at the summit while you both were already there, enjoying the view and eating biscuits. Crazy guys!!!
    So, all this speech is to thank you for having taken the photos of our group. Some of those photos are very funny (to avoid saying “not correctly centered”) but one is really perfect. A real nice souvenir.
    To finally end up the presentation: I am the girl who took the photo of you with your camera at the summit of the Imbabura. I hope that this one is also perfect.
    End of the story. Good luck for the rest of your trip. It will be a pleasure for me to start reading your adventure.

    * sorry for my english but French people are not really known for their talent in languages…

  5. uqadventure says:

    how amazing you guys describing each other and having an adventure together. It is really inspiring for us 🙂

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