Colombia rock climbing

La Mojarra

  • location: 1hour south of Bucamaranga, on top of Mesa de los Santos, about 2km before the town of Los Santos you will see the Refugio La Roca on your left, the climbing area is on the cliffs below this hostal. In the state of Satander.
  • accomodation: Refugio La Roca, camping or rooms
  • rock type: sandstone
  • climbing style: mainly sport
  • climbing overview: this is a fun area with a lot more potential.  There are only a little more than 100 routes at this time ranging from 5.8 to 5.13.  The climbs are mostly overhanging jug hauls.
  • area overview:  this area is a great spot to hang out.  There are waterfalls to hike to, beautiful views everywhere you look, and the locals couldn´t be nicer.
  • guide: info and a topo of the area can be purchased at the Refugio la Roca.

La Florian

  • location: 5hours north of Bogota, in the state of Boyaca
  • accomodation: hotels in town for cheap, or find a spot to camp
  • rock type: limestone (Thailand meets Colombia)
  • climbing style: sport
  • climbing overview: Colombia could become famous for this area!  It has just been discovered, but the routes are going up fast and there is unlimited potential.  So much rock!  So many walls!  As of right now there are about 30 climbs, all 5.11 and above.
  • area overview:  We were literally the first gringos to come to this town. The mayor even came to meet us.  It is out there!  But even if you didn´t climb it would be worth the trip because it is soo beautiful.
  • favorites: there is a 5.11 completely on stalagtites across the top of the cave on the left hand side looking out to the valley- so fun!
  • guide: no guide, ask  in town how to get to the cave.  there is also a tourist guide that can show you the other areas to climb for a very small fee.

El Cocuy

  • location: Eastern border of the state of Satander
  • accomodation: camping
  • rock type: High elevation sandstone (doesn’t look like sandstone)
  • climbing style: trad/mountianeering
  • climbing overview: The tallest mountains in Colombia.  Some big rock walls. Lot’s of opportunity with out a lot of info.
  • area overview:  This area is beautiful.  Big mountains.  Apparently (as with any big mountains) you need to hit it right with weather.  January is supposed to be the best month for weather but also the most popular.  You would be fine as long as you went to an unpopular area.
  • guide: no guide, ask a local climber or guide for information, but beware of the park office as they are charging over 20 bucks a person for foreigners to enter.


  • location: 1hr north of Bogota
  • accomodation: overpriced hostels in town, walk in pay camping below, or pirate camping above the cliff
  • rock type: Sandstone
  • climbing style: sport and trad (single and multi-pitch)
  • climbing overview: Colombia’s first climbing area.  Don’t be put off by your first look at the cliff which is in the beginning covered with grafitti and shrubbery, the rock is good and the routes are fun.  However, the routes can be run out, harder than the grade and scary.  A couple weeks at most.
  • area overview:  The town is a dump, but has all that you need and there is a local climber’s scene that is great (good people).  The week is quiet and the weekend fills up with Bogota climbers.
  • favorites: El Epe
  • guide: there is a very bad, old guidebook you can buy in town at Monodedo (climbing shop)  Supposedly a new one is in the works.


2 Responses to Colombia rock climbing

  1. Christine Bacon says:

    Awesome review guys, so glad you have seen so many climbing spots here in Colombia, hope you got to check out the Parque Nacional de Los Nevados! Thinking of you and safe travels, C n G

  2. says:

    I have been may times to Suesca and loved the climbing there. Its as good as anything we have here in Canada! Beautiful area with a river below it!

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