Photo Albums

Click on the links below for our full photo albums of each area:

1 Response to Photo Albums

  1. dagney strossner says:

    Yo! Meg and Jed, it has been awesome to be keeping tabs on you! Your writing skills are amazing megs….that journalism degree really paid off, huh? So I know I bailed in the summer, but now I’ve got my s**t together and Im coming to see yall! Whoohoo! Taurey and I will probably overlap one another since we cant make our schedules meet. So I’m leaving on January 3rd to find you guys. I’ll be wherever yall are at until Jan. 13th. Is that okay with you guys? Let me know where you think you might be so I can grab my ticket. I can’t wait! Also, my friend is geting married at the same place you did. She was wondering if you had any suggestions for catering, flowers, and photography, anything you would have done differently, and words of wisdom. I look forward to hearing from you. Much love, dagney

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