Peru Update and Gratitude

I want to thank everyone for the amazing amount of support we have received over the last 24 hours!  The money that has been donated towards our recovery and safe return is more than we could have asked for.  The calls to government officials and to the American Embassy in Peru have been a tremendous help to get things moving on our end.  They are kicking ass trying to take care of our needs right now.  We have received wonderful contacts within the country for medical and legal services.  Any future help is best received by keeping us in your thoughts and prayers.

We have also received a great amount of support and disbelief from Peruvians over this incident taking place in their country.  We would like to express that we too are in disbelief.  We have spent two amazing months in this country before this incident and cannot say we met a single other sole that wasn’t warm and welcoming to us.  There are bad people everywhere in the world, in every country, just as there is good everywhere in the world.  We just happened to enter in to the wrong place at the wrong time.  We in no way reflect this situation on the country as a whole and hope that others will react in the same manner.

Right now we are all working towards several goals, with the highest priority being on our safety and health.  Jenny will be on a return flight home as soon as possible, and Jed and I too are looking to leave the country as soon as possible. We have yet to decide by what means this will be, but we will in no way go in a direction that we feel will jeopardize our safety.  There are many hoops we need to jump through before we get to that point.  I can say though, that we will be home sooner rather than later as originally planned.

Again we appreciate everyone’s tremendous support and concern for us.  We feel truly blessed by all of it.  Just knowing that there are so many out there who care has helped us come a long way mentally.  We can feel your strength behind us and it has provided us with a renewed strength, pushing us through this situation.  For this we cannot express our gratitude enough.


About adventureamericas

Jed and I set out April 2012 to drive from Wyoming to the southern tip of Argentina! Join us along the way to read about our adventures as we attempt to surf the coasts, climb the mountains and speak the language of the 15 countries we plan to visit!
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2 Responses to Peru Update and Gratitude

  1. Kenny says:

    Just glad you both are o’k, it sounds like it could have taken a wrong or worse turn. Like I said, glad I’ll get to give you both multiple huge hugs when you safely return!

  2. Christine Bacon says:

    Keep us posted as to what you need in Lima, as you saw, my old friend Julissa can help you and lives near the embassy. I especially like that you highlighted that this is not a South American or Peruvian problem, but rather being in the wrong place at the wrong time, its important that all the people reading this know that, unfortunately, this can happen (to a certain extent) anywhere.
    Keep your heads up guys and we are all thinking of you here in La Mojarra, que vivan los viajeros!

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